Welcome To The i-MED Telemedicine Portal

The i-MED Portal is an Internet/Web based e-Diagnosis and remote consulting service designed specifically to provide medical professionals with a secure network for exchanging patient case information with colleagues and peers. Images (stills, X-rays, CT scans, pathology slides, etc.), movies and textual data are packaged up and transferred, via the i-MED Portal systems, to your chosen recipient(s). Their opinions/diagnoses are then gathered and passed back to you for ongoing patient care. Our network uses sophisticated encryption, internal password protection and compression technologies to ensure your (and your patient's) data remains secure and that confidentiality is preserved. To find out more about e-Diagnosis and what it means and how it works, click here.

Download the i-MED  Client Software and give it a try.

The i-MED Client 2009 software is free of charge. Please feel free to register, download it and give it a try. We will give you 14 days use of the service free of charge. This will allow you to build case packages and to send them through the i-MED Portal network to other registered users. To continue using the service after the trial period, you will need to pay a small monthly subscription.

Take part in our market survey

We are currently conducting a survey to help us make sure that our service to you only gets better.  Please take a few minutes to contribute.  In return we will add 5 free consultation case clicks to your account.  CLICK HERE to take part now.

Security and Confidentiality

A Top priority for the i-MED Portal team - We have been developing Telemedicine software that uses the Internet as a back bone for several years. All of our clients demand the highest levels of security, privacy and confidentiality for the data they pass through our systems. i-MED Portal has had that same high degree of focus from the first design.

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